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Let The Greatest Show Begin!

Hundreds of excited participants bounded onto Hallowtree Campsite on Thursday; bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready for a long weekend of action-packed activities.

As Scouts were dropped off by their parents, hauling rucksacks almost as big as them, for many this was the biggest camp they have been to in the past few years and for some Suffolk Punch is their first ever Scout camp.

Being an event tailored for Suffolk Scouts, many participants live only a stone’s throw from the site. Ruby and Charlie from Thurston Scouts, camping on Fire sub-camp, only travelled for 20 minutes in the car to get here. They are most excited for the activities, camping with their friends and the opening ceremony. They’ve already decided that this is “the best camp” they’ve been on and it’s even “better than concerts”! They added “there’s lots of variety, you can do what you want and when you want to do it”.

Zach and Jacob from 1st Kirton, Water, are really looking forward to Suffolk Punch too, being “a lot longer and bigger” than any camp they’ve ever been on before. So far, they are really liking it and are most looking forward to “all of the water activities” and “skiing” which are certainly some of the most exciting activities offered over the weekend.

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