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Leader FAQ

What about COVID-19?

Is this event for Suffolk Scouts only?

No. Initially, this event had been designed as a local county event, but as the event has grown we have had enquiries from several groups outside Suffolk. We’ve got no reason to say no, so if you’re outside Suffolk you would be most welcome to attend!

Do I need to submit a Nights Away Notification (NAN)?

Yes. Each individual group camping on site will need to complete a nights away notification to their District Commissioner for approval. Each group MUST have a nights away permit holder staying with them overnight. This will be monitored and is non-negotiable.

Can I bring my children if I am attending as a leader?

Yes. Children of leaders are welcome to stay. You will be responsible for their supervision at all times while on site. Camping fees apply to children aged 6 and over. Under 6’s are free of charge. Dependent children need to be registered as Leaders in the same way you are, but you should select the ‘Youth’ option when prompted. Please note, we cannot guarantee that children of leaders will have full access to Scout programme items.

If we want to have a longer event, can we start our camp early?

Yes. Any group attending the main Suffolk Punch camp can choose to camp from Monday 8th August 2022. This will need to be pre-arranged with the event team (get in touch here), and camp fees for the extra period will need to be paid direct to Hallowtree.

Can we drop off our equipment before the event?

Absolutely. We are encouraging all groups to do this where possible. Access will be available to leaders for the days leading up to the main event. One mess tent may be erected, and all other items must be stored within. The site will have a 24/7 security presence all week, and CCTV is in place to ensure that your equipment is kept safe.

Can we have our food delivered to site by a supermarket delivery service?

Yes, this is permitted. The date and time of the delivery slot must be communicated to the site security team, otherwise it will be rejected at the gate. Please email the helpdesk or call the site services team to arrange. Deliveries must be scheduled outside of peak times.

Will there be toilets/showers?

Yes, we will have separate toilet and shower facilities available for leaders and participants. Disabled facilities will also be available. We are expecting a large number of people on site, so some activities like brushing teeth would be best done at your camp.

Are fires allowed on site?

Unfortunately we cannot allow groups to light any open fires on site. Due to the large number of persons on site, and the likely dry weather, the risk would be too great to allow multiple fires to take place. But don’t worry, there will be a whole-event campfire on Saturday night which everybody is invited to attend. This will be managed by event staff, in line with the site’s fire risk assessment and advice from the local Fire service, and may be cancelled at short notice on safety grounds.

Is there disabled parking available?

A limited amount of disabled parking will be available on site. This must be pre-booked. Please send a copy of your blue badge to the admin team, who will then issue a disabled parking permit.

Can we have an electricity hook-up?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer electricity hook-ups for groups camping on site. The only exception to this is where there is a medical requirement for electricity to run items such as CPAP machines. We simply do not have the capacity to supply electricity to all campsites.

Can we use a generator on site?

Generators are not permitted on site. This is to keep the site peaceful and prevent any hazardous liquid fuels being kept near camping areas.

Can I bring a caravan?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate caravans on the subcamp areas.

Will there be somewhere to freeze ice blocks?

Yes we will have a collection of freezers available to freeze ice blocks.

Can I charge devices somewhere?

Yes, we will be operating a free charging station where leaders and participants can ‘check-in’ devices for charging in a secure area. You will need to provide a 13A UK mains charger for your device. The device will be kept in a secure building while charging and you will be given a receipt for the duration of the charging period. We recommend that you bring a portable power bank if you intend to use an electronic device while staying on site.

Where can we fill water containers?

There will be water fill stations in various locations around the site. Some will feed from the mains, and some will use temporary water tanks. Any temporary tanks will be appropriately certified for the safe storage of potable water. Check the site map for details of water points.

What is the smoking policy?

There will be a designated smoking area on site. We ask that no smoking is done outside of this area. This is for health and safety reasons. Please check the site map to find the location of this area.

Are dogs allowed on site?

No. We are unable to accept dogs on site for health and safety reasons. The only exception to this rule is for certified assistance dogs (including guide dogs) where notification in advance must be given to the event team.

Can we have visitors during the day?

Yes, you may invite visitors to site during the day. All visitors will need to be registered with the event team so that they can be issued a wristband. Please contact the event team to arrange this. Visitors will not be permitted access to activities. We ask that all visitors leave site by 10pm.

How are the off-site activities being ticketed?

This is still subject to confirmation. Full details will be provided in the leader briefing packs nearer to the event.

Can I bring a bicycle?

Due to the number of people who are going to be on site, we have decided that no bicycles will be permitted. The exception to this rule is for the service team and first aid teams, who may use bicycles to get to incidents quickly.

Still got a question?

If you still have a question, please get in touch with the event team who will be happy to answer it.